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Volunteer Opportunities Available

We are always in need of extra helpers to keep the Baja Animal Sanctuary running smoothly. 

If you could help with any of the following positions, please call or email the contact person listed.

Volunteer NeededDescriptionWho To Call
Pet AdoptionsWe currently conduct dog adoptions at the Vista and Murphy Canyon, California PetSmart stores. Volunteers are always needed to help set up for the event, to care for the animals during the adoption, to help answer questions during the event , and to help clean up after an adoption is over.Vista, California PETsMART
Kathleen Paymard:
(760) 727-5369
[email protected]

San Diego, California PETsMART
Maureen Quinn
(858) 569-0975
[email protected]
PetSmart Adoptions CenterOur cats are for adoption at the Vista, California PetSmart store and are housed full-time in the store’s adoption center – just inside the store and to the right. Volunteers are always needed to come in and clean the adoption room, feed and water the the kitties, and to play with them! If you love cats this is a great place to spend some time!Kathleen Paymard:(760) [email protected]
Fostering AnimalsAfter and adoption event, any animals that have not been adopted are generally placed in a loving foster home until the next adoption event. This way the animals don’t have to be driven back to Mexico, and then back up again for the next event. Loving foster homes are needed for both dogs and cats. If you have room in your house and in your heart to provide a temporary home for one our our animals let us know!Sandra Simpson(619) [email protected]
Volunteering At The SanctuaryBecause the Baja Animal Sanctuary resides in Mexico, volunteers must be able to drive to Rosarito Beach, Mexico in order to volunteer. Extra help is always needed at the sanctuary! Volunteers spend the day bathing animals, cleaning cages and corrals, playing with the dogs and cats, and, if medically trained (Pre-Vet, Vet Techs, etc) help is always needed to evaluate the animals, and administer medications and vaccines, etc. Hotels are located close by in town for volunteers who want to help out for more than one day.Call from the US Dial:Sunny Benedict011 52 661 612 [email protected]
Donation Pick UpFrequently donated items need to be picked up and taken to the sanctuary’s storage facility in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego. This volunteer position requires that you coordinate an acceptable pickup time with donator and then pick up the donated item(s) and take them to the BAS storage unit.Maureen Quinn:(858) [email protected]
Food Pick UpFrequently medium to large food donations need to be picked up from the San Diego, Orange County or Los Angeles area and brought to the BAS storage unit in Sorrento Valley. This volunteer position generally requires the rental of a cargo van, 15-foot, or 24-foot truck, if you don’t possess one, (depending upon the size of the donation) to be paid for by BAS, loading the food donation, driving the food to the BAS storage unit in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, and unloading the food.Gina Rogers:(858) [email protected]
Vet AssistanceWe are always in need of additional veterinary care, especially with spay and neuter surgeries. If you are a vet who is willing to drive to Rosarito Beach, Mexico to help us we would welcome your help!Call from the US Dial:Sunny Benedict011 52 661 612 [email protected]

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